Developing a bespoke global playbook for DOLs

The Challenge

The client wished to develop a framework for engagement with Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) to allow commercial and medical teams to understand eHCP perspectives, and develop compliant, fruitful relationships with DOLs. The playbook needed to build upon the client’s existing internal SOP on DOL engagement and CREATION.co’s 100,000 hours of expertise gleaned across many projects with a range of pharmaceutical clients.

The Solution

CREATION.co created an educational resource to support teams in setting up and running DOL projects effectively and compliantly.

We consolidated and unified the company’s direction, enabling a framework of systematic DOL engagement.

We informed commercial and medical teams’ activities at Global and LOC levels.

Key Outcomes

  • An interactive DOL playbook was developed and designed, providing guidelines for future DOL engagement and activation.
  • The DOL playbook included:
    • What is a Digital Opinion Leader
    • How to identify and select the right DOL for me
    • How to engage a DOL effectively
  • Colleagues who had done great work in DOL engagement were connected and brought together, encouraging internal collaboration.
  • Following the internal launch there was great interaction and engagement with the DOL playbook across the client’s global teams.

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