31.01.2023 | Article

Lecanemab: Full phase 3 trial results for the Alzheimer’s disease drug not…

HCP conversations on Phase 3 trial data for lecanemab for Alzheimers has been shifting

By Francesca Gan

31.01.2023 | Article

The divided UK eHCP opinions on Medical Cannabis

Many see medical cannabis as an alternative medicine to relieve some patients symptoms

By Mark Sullivan

21.01.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: eHCPs focus on paediatric cases

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Mark Sullivan

20.01.2023 | Article

“What if HCPs leave Twitter?” HCPs flock to Mastodon amid Twitter concerns

There is new trend in eHCP behaviour following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk...

11.01.2023 | Article

The Top Pharma Events in 2023

2023 will see almost 90% of the events within the pharma industry being held in person

By Natalie Verghese

10.01.2023 | Press Release

Mary Fletcher-Louis joins leading eHCP Insights Consultancy

CREATION.co is delighted to announce that Mary Fletcher-Louis has joined the team as COO

05.01.2023 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs celebrate the Moderna and Merck combination melanoma…

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical companies

By Francesca Gan

01.01.2023 | Article

Product Launch Tracker: HCPs discuss pre-Christmas approvals in precision medicine, oncology and…

Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about

By Paul Cranston

21.12.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs advocate for Advanced Practitioners and COVID readiness

The most shared post among UK HCPs focused on GP access within the NHS

By Mark Sullivan

18.12.2022 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs actively discussed issues concerning mRNA and bivalent…

In Nov 2022 there was a 22% decrease in HCP pharma mentions from the previous month

By Francesca Gan

Webinar: How to make the most of your medical congress investment

16.12.2022 | Webinars

How to make the most of your medical congress investment

Discover 5 steps to make the most out of congress meetings + pharma case studies showing...

By Mary Fletcher-Louis and Daniel Ghinn

16.12.2022 | Article

NHS strikes: What do HCPs think of Industrial Action

"Strike action is a last resort. But it can be a powerful tool for change." - RCN

By Mark Sullivan