29.09.2023 | Article

eHCPs across the globe participate in the T2D online conversation

eHCP conversation was detected in more than 170 countries discussing type 2 diabetes

By Alexandra Maria Chatziioannidou

29.09.2023 | Article

eHCPs raise awareness of the impact of diabetes on mental health

eHCPs facilitate a broader conversation relating to diabetes - including mental health...

By Aman Jandu

Conversation network of HCPs discussing type 2 diabetes online

29.09.2023 | Article

Understanding conversation networks within online HCP communities

In T2D, 13 products have been mentioned more than 100 times by HCPs on social media

By Francesca Gan

29.09.2023 | Article

GLP-1 agonists and SGLT2 inhibitors commanded the most attention from eHCPs globally

In T2D, 13 products have been mentioned more than 100 times by HCPs on social media

By Cameron Bassindale

31.10.2023 | Webinars

Identify your Rising Star DOLs

This webinar will look at the next step in DOL engagement – identifying HCP Rising Star DOLs

By Katie Kennedy and Mark Sullivan

27.09.2023 | Article

Healthcare professionals celebrate new data in diabetic kidney disease

In the lead up to ADA 2023, eHCPs discussed treatments and trials related to DKD

By Cameron Bassindale

21.09.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: NHS England’s #AskAboutAsthma got eHCPs talking in September

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Cameron Bassindale

19.09.2023 | Article

Can social listening support your omnichannel approach?

Find out how social media listening can help your omnichannel strategy

By Katie Kennedy

19.09.2023 | Article

The social media impact of top-10 pharma’s CEOs

CREATION.co looks at the social media use of CEOs at the top 10 pharma companies

By Cameron Bassindale

08.09.2023 | Article

Ensuring continuous digital transformation

What is digital transformation and how can pharma ensure continuous digital transformation?

By Anni Neumann

01.09.2023 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide trial gets praise from HCPs

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical companies

By Aman Jandu

25.08.2023 | Case Study

Developing a bespoke global playbook for DOLs

An interactive DOL playbook was developed & designed, providing guidelines for global teams