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29.11.2022 | Article

KOLs and DOLs – the same or not the same? That is…

Are KOLs, active online KOLs, and DOLs the same. The answer is usually no!

By Anni Neumann

24.11.2022 | Article

New psilocybin data kicks off positive US HCP online conversation

Psilocybin is one the hottest new arrivals in the use of psychedelics in the medical setting

By Jamie Doggett

UK Respiratory tracker

24.11.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs discuss “Your Lungs for Life” campaign, ways to reduce…

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Mark Sullivan

16.11.2022 | Article

A Digital Day in the Life of Online HCPs around the world

Understanding the online conversation of HCPs can help clients cater to their needs better

By Natalie Verghese

15.11.2022 | Webinars

What If HCPs Leave Twitter

Helping you to identify the online influencers who matter to you...

By Daniel Ghinn

15.11.2022 | Article

Where are your HCPs?

MSLs are facing an issue of having increasingly limited access to HCPs

By Tomi Shobande

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs track Pharma Covid-19 developments online

05.11.2022 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs actively discussed issues concerning mRNA and bivalent…

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical companies

By Francesca Gan

Product Launch Tracker Header Image

01.11.2022 | Article

Product Launch Tracker: HCPs share optimism for approvals in heart failure, obesity…

Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about

By Paul Cranston and Tomi Shobande

24.10.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs discuss inhaler technique during #askaboutasthma and react to patients’…

This month UK HCPs were most active on 04 October, posting about respiratory diseases 325 ti

By Mark Sullivan

19.10.2022 | Article

HCPs express hope, urgency and drive to tackle AMR

AMR has sometimes been labelled the ‘silent pandemic’......

By Jamie Doggett

05.10.2022 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: Bivalent vaccine data and new treatments drive HCP…

The latest developments in the Top 50 tracker saw GSK jump back amongst the Top 5.

By Francesca Gan and Chawanzi Chintu

04.10.2022 | Webinars

Understanding The Differences between DOLs and online KOLs

Helping you to identify the online influencers who matter to you...

By Anni Neumann