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21.06.2022 | Article

Learn what was important to HCPs at ASCO 2022

ASCO provides a great platform for HCPs to hear about the latest developments in the oncolog

By Laura Marsh

10.06.2022 | Article

Are you ready for your next medical congress?

Medical congresses are always a key time for HCPs and with ASCO 2022 just around...

By Jerin Thomas

09.06.2022 | Article

Medical Affairs: Now is the time to join your pharma peers in…

An increasing number of medical teams are recognising the significance of social media...

By Victoria Donougher

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs track Pharma Covid-19 developments online

06.06.2022 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical companies

By Francesca Gan and Chawanzi Chintu

Product Launch Tracker Header Image

06.06.2022 | Article

Product Launch Tracker

Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about

By Paul Cranston and Tomi Shobande

UK Respiratory tracker

24.05.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Mark Sullivan

21.05.2022 | Webinars

Medical Affairs: The New Digital Normal for HCP Relationships

CREATION.co will share their experience over the last 11 years of helping teams not only...

By Anni Neumann and Daniel Ghinn

20.05.2022 | Article

The challenges facing new drug treatment in Alzheimer’s Disease

There are currently around 900K people living with the disease in the UK...

By Mary Kangley

20.05.2022 | Article

BHBIA Annual ConferenceDay one: “Data and technology are the enablers for amazing…

Great discussions and thought-provoking papers that all agreed that digital engagement...

By Victoria Donougher

19.05.2022 | Article

Product Launch Tracker: HCPs excited for BMS’ newly approved ‘Camzyos’

Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about

By Paul Cranston and Tomi Shobande

16.05.2022 | Press Release

CREATION.co win Chair’s Award: Best Response to COVID-19 with Frontline.Live at BOBI…

CREATION.co win BHBIA BOBI Chair's Award in May 2022

By Victoria Donougher

13.05.2022 | Article

4 key considerations for healthcare market research

The healthcare industry witnessed a paradigm shift since the COVID-19 pandemic began...

By Tomi Shobande