Gain a deeper understanding of HCP views on drugs, diseases, and therapy areas

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) really feel about products, diseases and therapy areas relevant to you – from burden of disease and patient concerns to efficacy, pricing, and therapy administration. We are specialists at gaining a deep 360° view – both online and offline – of HCP opinions, which are vital to informing your healthcare strategy.

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Address unmet needs

Understanding HCP conversations about your product and in your therapy area will give you great insight into your customers’ needs and how you can support them. With the help of our innovative HCP online conversation listening tool CREATION Pinpoint®, you can realise your customers’ concerns and subsequently address their unmet needs by providing a solution with your product benefits.

Personalise your customer’s experience through digital personas

Enhancing digital persona attributes such as digital content preferences and needs, preferred social media channels and attitudes expressed online, provides rich insight to guide your marketing campaigns, engagement plans and digital experiences. Our analysis and experience in this area can accurately guide your digital persona attributes to ensure your content truly resonates.

Add value at every stage of the customer / decision journey

Establishing a valued corporate voice through your marketing is key to brand success. Our expert analyses of insights gained through CREATION Pinpoint® can help you add value and engage your customers in an impactful way by tailoring content according to what they want to see, when they want to see it, using the channel(s) of their preference.

See the benefits, learn, and go again

Starting with a clear outcome in mind is key for measuring your success through closed-loop marketing. Using our extensive social media listening experience and leading analytical capabilities, we can help you continually listen to your customers to make sure your efforts are resonating and reassess your tactics or goals after each cycle to ensure they are  increasingly effective each time.