Author: Suzanna Gamwell

Local market insights for effective pharma messaging

To read in Spanish follow here. Our clients often ask us about the similarities and differences that we see between European markets when studying online healthcare professional (HCP) conversation. Sometimes this is a driven by a desire to create efficiencies in channel management or content production across a region, but more often than not, this request reflects a real desire to respond to the needs of local HCP customers – to become more targeted, not less. Although it’s true that we do see some synergies in HCP online behaviours across the major European markets (for example, in broad terms,...

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Beyond market access: what prescribers really want to know about drug pricing

Drug pricing and market access are hot topics for the pharmaceutical sector, with global trends closely watched by manufacturers, stakeholders and healthcare providers alike. In the UK, decisions around funding and access are also closely scrutinised and challenged. And beyond the national picture, we know that local payers face a balancing act, weighing up the benefits of patient access to certain treatments with increasingly challenging budgets. But how about frontline healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the UK: do they also feel the pricing pressure? A CREATION study into Type 1 Diabetes showed that, for frontline prescribers of life-saving insulin therapies, cost was...

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Keeping It Compliant

‘It’s fantastic! But is it compliant?’ A question we are often asked when explaining how Creation Pinpoint can help our clients study conversations between their Healthcare Professional (HCP) customers on public social media. The answer, of course, is a resounding ‘yes’. At Creation, we are not only serious about compliant research; you could say we are passionate about it. Since Creation was established in 1998 we have pioneered online behaviour analysis, and as such have never been far from conversations about pharmacovigilance, adverse event reporting, and compliance. Over the years, we have led industry conversation around compliant online research:...

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Oncologists welcome new treatments for non-small cell lung cancer

Given the hype around breakthrough immunotherapeutic approaches in the oncology space, it was not surprising that our recent study into US healthcare professionals’ online conversations about non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was dominated by one topic: PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors. When we looked at conversations between healthcare professionals (HCPs) relating to NSCLC, we identified an unusually high volume of product mentions – in fact, over a third of mentions within the study referenced a brand or compound in some way. A quick look at the data showed that mentions of nivolumab (PD-1) and pembrolizumab (PD-L1) far outstripped products in...

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