Start with the big picture in mind

If you are thinking about implementing a DOL engagement strategy, you need to start with the big picture in mind! The Health Strategy team at, will help you do this. It can start with simple questions on why do you need Digital Opinion Leaders? What are you trying to solve? Our first recommendation is to include your legal and compliance team in this early stage process.

Involve your legal and compliance teams

If your legal and compliance teams start this journey at the beginning with you, there is a bigger chance they will carry the vision together with you and get a deep understanding of what you are trying to solve. Involving them only in the later stage of a project can create unnecessary pressure points.

Understand your customers’ unmet needs

With CREATION Pinpoint® , our powerful online healthcare professional (HCP) conversation insights tool, you can understand the specific interests, goals, behaviours and needs of your influential HCPs, allowing you to engage and support them in a meaningful way and forge strategic partnerships.

Engage indirectly as well as directly

DOL activation is a process that is rooted in meaningful relationship building and trust. Building relationships isn’t an overnight exercise, it is based on common interests and requires value-add right from the start. Insight into the channels that HCPs are using, the information they need, the language they use or the organisations they engage with, will help you to start building your DOL strategy without directly reaching out to them.

Build internal capabilities

Simply identifying a list of DOLs to engage and an awareness of possible engagement tactics is not a guarantee of success. Organisations and departments need to build internal capabilities to capture and share learnings. We have supported organisations to set up and manage global systems and processes establishing DOL playbooks. In an environment that is constantly changing and evolving, you need to regularly review best practices, lest existing tactics become obsolete.

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