Develop a deep understanding of your customers

Develop powerful brand advocacy and build a meaningful pharmaceutical brand with a deep understanding of your customers using our unique tool, CREATION Pinpoint®. By listening to their online conversations, you can maximise your awareness, confirm advantages and develop HCP advocates, whether your product’s position in the market is being disrupted or your product is expected to be the disruptor.

Learn how your customers are reacting to and engaging with competitor data

When your product’s position in the market is disrupted by new entrants, planning well in advance to understand the potential effect on your customers is crucial. We will support you to learn how HCPs react to competitor data and understand how they believe it will change their behaviour so you can plan messaging to ensure your product’s survival.

Understand your customers’ perceived benefits of your product and its competitors

Direct customer intelligence is valuable during a time of market disruption and there is no better tool to help with this than CREATION Pinpoint®.Understand which of your product’s specific benefits HCPs care most about, how they perceive the benefits of new entrants to the market, and what their unmet needs are so that you can tailor messaging to optimise your product’s existing or potential position in the market.

Add value and address unmet needs

Understanding HCP conversations in your therapy area using insights gathered with CREATION Pinpoint® will give you great insight into their needs and how you can support them. By realising your customers’ concerns you can provide a solution to their unmet needs with your product benefits and truly differentiate from your competitors.