Create an in-depth 360° understanding of your customers

Using multiple methods of research including CREATION Pinpoint®, our powerful online healthcare professional (HCP) conversation insights tool, we can help you to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers that provides the detailed customer and competitor insights you need to answer key business questions about your customers and keep ahead of online trends to inform strategic activities across the year.

Track the HCP conversation and get insights in real-time

Real-time tracking of HCPs’ conversations and behaviours on digital channels represents a valuable part of brand planning. Our Digital ATU supports your need to understand your HCP customers in real time, including Exceptions Alerts sent within one business day of appearing in conversation and Trend Reports.

Discover the healthcare influencers who matter to you

Understanding your market segments and personas is an essential part of brand planning. CREATION Pinpoint®, our online HCP conversation insights tool, can identify and profile highly influential online HCPs matching specific behaviours important to you and give you insight into how you can build meaningful relationships with them.

Transform insights into strategy

Insights alone are worthless if they are not transformed into shared insights and built into the brand strategy to address your brand or product’s critical success factors. A key part of ensuring a successful process for us is to support your team to develop and implement a market-led strategy that integrates all relevant stakeholders from the beginning.

Deliver what your customers actually want

If a product is not successful early on, it will be difficult to re-establish success later. By choosing to work with us, we will ensure you start strong by using key customer insights to develop highly feasible actions that will achieve a high impact, and delivering these at highly strategic timepoints, to help set you apart and ensure your healthcare strategy is successful from its outset.