Join your peers in considering digital and social media

An increasing number of medical teams are recognising the significance of social media for capturing insights directly from customers and for communicating treatment value. Using our highly specialised expertise you can learn from the digital therapy area landscape and identify the most influential online healthcare professionals (HCPs) for future collaborations, education and building advocacy.

Map the online influence of your Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Many Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) have become the new KOLs. Successfully identifying your KOLs and leveraging their online influence are key to enriching and informing your overall strategy. With the help of our powerful online HCP profiling and listening technology, we can map your KOLs’ online influence to provide understanding of where they fit within the therapy area dialogue.

Identify the Digital Scientific Leaders (DSLs) influencing the scientific conversation online

DSLs are a subset of DOLs that has identified who have a natural inclination to lead and shape the scientific dialogue amongst their peers online, and who may be more relevant to medical teams vs marketing or commercial teams. We can support you by identifying and profiling influential HCPs relevant to you, with specific end goals and contexts in mind.

Understand the context of your DSLs’ influence for successful engagement

We are experts at understanding the digital landscape and therapy area environment. The environment within which your DSLs operate can provide valuable insight into their needs and allow for successful engagement, both with your DSLs themselves and with your customers through their online influence.

Build relationships

Building relationships takes time, is based on common interests, and requires value-add right from the start. Leverage our extensive experience to build strong relationships with your customers, whether they are KOLs, DOLs or DSLs.