Identify where misinformation is being spread and pinpoint information gaps

There has been a rise in false or misleading information in digital environments. During disease outbreaks, this can become an infodemic. Thanks to a unique global database of online HCPs combined with advanced analytics techniques, has developed a methodology so you can rapidly identify misinformation, as well as areas where information is lacking.

Fake News Detection

Learn how HCPs separate fact from fiction

HCPs play a vital role in highlighting health misinformation and amplifying truth through their online networks. As such, when you work with HCPs you can play a vital role in helping to address misinformation and fake news. Vigilant ‘fact-checking’ and investigating the source content author of suspected misinformation are two ways to help determine whether shared content is credible.

Understand who influences the medical community and what information they share online

By leveraging our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint®, a global database of more than 3M human-verified HCP online profiles, we can identify if any unreputable or false sources are influencing health communities online.

Fake News Detection #2

Address misinformation or lack of information with agility

Misinformation is a global health issue we can all play a part in addressing. With CREATION Pinpoint® we can help you rapidly learn about potentially dangerous fake news events and subsequently plan an appropriate intervention or response. Furthermore, every month tracks the HCP conversation relating to current and relevant health topics, ensuring you stay up-to-date.

Support your customers and ensure a smooth product launch

Since 1998, has been empowering effective online health communication. We can help ensure your product launch goes as smoothly as possible by rapidly identifying when misinformation arises, allowing you to promptly support your customers in response to mitigate any potentially harmful impact on your brand.