What are you searching for?

Discover the healthcare influencers who matter to you

The precise definition of an ‘influencer’, and therefore which healthcare stakeholders are relevant to you, depends on what you see as important. We are specialists at asking the key questions to help you identify those key influencers who align with your specific objectives.

Map the online influence of health stakeholders

Health stakeholders are driving health policy decisions, defining the views of their online peers, and may be shaping your brand well before your product launches. Understanding the digital landscape of health-related conversations through our powerful global HCP online conversation listening tool CREATION Pinpoint® will uncover who, where and what is being said and identify opportunities for you to join or change the conversation.

Speak the language of your influential customers

Our leading analytical capabilities allow you to truly understand the preferred digital formats, the format of content that is being engaged with, and the type of language being used by your influential online customers, enabling you to effectively connect and engage with them and build strong relationships. 

Create enhanced digital persona attributes

Enhancing digital persona attributes such as digital content preferences and needs preferred social media channels and attitudes expressed online, provides rich insight to guide your marketing campaigns, engagement plans, and digital experiences. Our in-depth analysis of the insights gathered from CREATION Pinpoint® can accurately guide your digital persona attributes to ensure your content truly resonates.