Real Time HCP Alerts

Discover how your customers talk about products

Receive live update Exceptions Alerts within one business day of something of note in HCPs’ online conversations with the Digital ATU (Awareness, Trial, and Usage), a service we have developed in partnership with our clients to support your need to understand your HCP customers in real-time.

React to new HCP opinions, needs and behaviours

The Digital ATU supports your need to take meaningful informed action to HCPs’ changing opinions, needs, and behaviours with measurable results, whether you are launching a product as first-to-market or into a space with established competitors, a competitor is entering your market, or new data relating to your product has been published.

Real Time HCP Alerts #2

Respond with agility to emerging issues and risks

Every month, tracks the HCP conversation relating to current and relevant health topics. We can help you to quickly learn about emerging issues and risks associated with your product and respond rapidly with an appropriate intervention or response should an emerging issue or risk arise.

Address misinformation or lack of information with agility

Misinformation is a global health issue we can all play a part in addressing. With the help of our global online HCP listening technology CREATION Pinpoint®, you can quickly learn about potentially dangerous fake news events and any information gaps relevant to your product or therapy area and subsequently plan an appropriate intervention or response.