Discover how your customers talk about products with real-time alerts

The Digital ATU (Awareness Trial and Usage) offers a new approach to a traditional research method, which has been considered the foundation of healthcare market research, improving on its speed, clarity, and frequency. A Digital ATU supports your need to understand your HCP customers in real-time.

When tracking the online conversations of healthcare professionals, you will receive alerts within one business day if there is a spike in conversation.

The Digital ATU

Understand your customers’ perceived benefits of your product and its competitors

Keep your finger on the pulse of HCP online conversations relating to your product and its competitors with easily digested Trends Reports, sent at a frequency that suits you, to better understand how your market is developing over time.

Integrate digital and non-digital data into one report

Thanks to our collaboration with Sermo, we can provide you with reports that detail and compare real-time results from organic HCP conversations on public and private social media, and responses to direct questions to HCPs obtained through rapid primary market research, all on the same topic.

The Digital ATU #2

React to new HCP opinions, needs and behaviours

The Digital ATU supports your need to take meaningful informed action to HCPs’ changing opinions, needs, and behaviours with measurable results, whether you are launching a product as first-to-market or into a space with established competitors, a competitor is entering your market, or new data relating to your product has been published.

Implement change through actioning our insights and recommendations

Tailor your application for marketing authorisation, message development, content, or other interactions with your customers based on our insights and recommendations to meet the needs of your customers. Wherever your product is in its lifecycle, please get in touch to find out more about scoping or implementing a Digital ATU.