Healthcare Engagement Strategy: Elite Global Forum 2011

When the the most effective healthcare engagement strategies of the past 12 months are celebrated and analysed in January 2011, in the second annual Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards, a new wealth of knowledge will be released. Examples of best practice and lessons learned by the industry’s leading practitioners of emerging communications channels in healthcare will be shared, explored, discussed and applied.

A no-nonsense, no-limits, global think tank

In 2011, Creation Healthcare will proactively develop and apply this knowledge further through a worldwide series of very special events limited to just a small handful of the world’s most innovative experts. Healthcare Engagement Strategy’s Elite Global Forum 2011 will be a no-nonsense, no-limits, global think tank taking place around the globe where professionals from healthcare stakeholders including pharmaceutical, hospital, government and not-for-profit organizations will challenge each other, share ideas, and break new ground in healthcare engagement.

If you are invited to take part, be prepared for a fast-moving, possibly unsettling and certainly world-changing half day. Expect to have your established paradigms challenged by your peers, and be ready to challenge theirs. The Healthcare Engagement Strategy Elite Global Forum 2011 will literally change the landscape of healthcare engagement.

Only for the most ‘can-do’, pioneering innovators

This is not a forum for the faint-hearted. We will not be going over the same old ground that has been covered to death by conferences the world over throughout the past year or two. that’s why we are bringing together only the most ‘can-do’, pioneering innovators who already have a track record of challenging conventional thinking, breaking down walls and redefining the healthcare engagement landscape.

Want to get involved? The Healthcare Engagement Strategy Elite Global Forum 2011 will take place at secret locations in the following cities:

New York, February 2011

London, April 2011

Paris, June 2011

Tokyo, September 2011

Participation in the Healthcare Engagement Strategy Elite Global Forum 2011 is by invitation only. If you feel you should be invited and you have not heard from us yet, feel free to get in touch. Contact [email protected].

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