Creation Pinpoint awarded PharmaVOICE “Celebrating Innovation”

We are so honored that Creation Pinpoint®, our healthcare professional insights service, has been included in PharmaVOICE Magazine’s “Celebrating Innovation” issue this month. PharmaVOICE highlighted Creation Pinpoint’s®capabilities for “real-time insights from HCP social media conversations” and pointed out that “until Creation Pinpoint, it was impossible to isolate the views of healthcare professionals, whose conversations make up less than 5% of health-related conversations in public social media, from the noise of the public voice…

In featuring Creation Pinpoint®, PharmaVOICE also recognised the rapid adoption of our service among pharmaceutical companies, reflecting that “within the first six months after its launch, 20 pharmaceutical brands had signed on to use Creation Pinpoint®, and by the end of 2014, 60% of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies were using the service“.®

It’s been two years of incredibly hard work by the team at Creation Healthcare since we launched Creation Pinpoint®, and PharmaVOICE’s recognition of our work is a huge honor. We are also immensely thankful to all those who have shown confidence in Creation Pinpoint®, commissioning HCP insights studies that have allowed us to bring new insights to the world of pharma, NGOs, and healthcare provision.

If you’d like to find out why increasing numbers of healthcare brands are benefiting from our Creation Pinpoint® service, we’d love to tell you more so please get in touch

Read the PharmaVOICE Innovation Edition here (we’re on page 80!)