Our vision is to transform nations and see an end to systemic poverty

We will choose to work with clients that do or could have a positive influence on national and global systems.

Through our work in the healthcare sector, we will bring positive change to systems that affect nations’ development and people’s lives, such as in health, education, government, or finance.

We will help our clients to solve challenges they face corporately and as individuals, in order to build and strengthen systems and personal relationships, so that they can succeed in making a positive difference.

We will start with ourselves and the people we work with. We will keep our relationships – with each other and our external stakeholders – strong and constructive.

We will look for good and celebrate it.

We will produce excellent work and constantly seek to learn and improve.

As a company we will give 51% of our retained profits away, both through financial donations and ‘in kind’ work, to support organisations and individuals who are doing good work aligned with our vision.