Understand how much online drug conversation relates to side effects

Establishing the level of conversation around side effects is an essential tool in understanding the perception and performance of your product in the real world. By investigating online product conversations, we can develop insight into HCP and patient experience and concerns about side effects.

Use online research to support prompt safety signal detection and evaluation

Social media can provide you with the resources required to proactively gain drug safety profile insight, inform product decisions, and improve patient safety and experiences, but expertise is required to gather these insights. Using our innovative signal detection methodology, we can quickly identify safety signals relating to your product and evaluate the associated context.

Discover little-known side effects

Social media provides huge potential for collecting real-world evidence for pharmacovigilance (PV) monitoring and beyond. By using the latest technological advancements in social media analysis, our expertise can help you discover little-known side effects of your product.

Work with a team trained and aware of industry-leading PV processes

CREATION.co is highly skilled in industry-leading PV processes and undergoes regular training to ensure the team is kept up-to-date such that they provide the specialised service that you require.