Creation Pinpoint reveals HCP conversations in social media

Creation Healthcare has launched Creation Pinpoint, the world’s first social media monitoring tool dedicated to studying public conversations among healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The new tool shows the most influential and active HCPs mentioning any topic such as a disease area or treatment. Users of Creation Pinpoint can see profiles of individual doctors, discover what they are saying, and review conversation themes as they emerge, through an online dashboard. They may also opt to receive email alerts as soon as HCPs mention specific topics.

Developed by Creation Healthcare in close collaboration with a top-5 global pharmaceutical company, Creation Pinpoint has already provided new marketing insights to three major pharmaceutical brands which have run pilots over the past three months. The pilots each tracked worldwide conversations among doctors on social media channels including Twitter, blogs and open forums.

Creation Pinpoint is built on a well-established platform that is already one of the world’s leading social media monitoring tools, Brandwatch, and adds a vast database of manually-verified social media profiles of healthcare professionals.

Diverse applications

With Creation Pinpoint, healthcare brand teams can now identify precisely which HCPs are talking about their brands or therapy areas, anywhere in the world, and track the influence that these have on each other. This new tool opens up a new field of opportunities for healthcare marketers.

But it is not only marketers who will benefit from Creation Pinpoint. Learning from conversations among doctors also provides opportunities for those working in roles such as Medical Information, or planning clinical trials.

Patient groups or other health organizations may want to identify doctors who have an interest in a particular disease area or treatment approach, to engage as potential advocates or to support policy activity.

Doctors, too, will benefit from discovering which of their peers have a common interest with them in a particular topic, and what they are saying online. Many healthcare professionals already use social media to support their ongoing learning from peers, which could be further enhanced through Creation Pinpoint.

An example: Prostate Cancer

Creation Healthcare has made available a working implementation of Creation Pinpoint featuring a worldwide study of doctors talking about prostate cancer. If you would like to learn more and try Creation Pinpoint for yourself, contact us.


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