11.07.2023 | News

NHS analysis featured on ITV Meridian on HCPs’ key areas of interest

HCPs on social media discuss the NHS as part of the online health conversation, and given the 75th anniversary we looked into the key topics they discussed.

Analysis featured on ITV Meridian from Jamie Doggett, Associate Director of Insight, reveals that nearly 22,000 HCPs in South East England and London talk about a number key issues in the NHS right now, including the strike action, pay disputes, staffing issues and patient wait times.

There has been celebration, calling out colleagues for their good work and a number of HCPs showing how proud they are to work of the NHS.

It was identified that there is a huge opportunity to empower NHS workers who are already active on social media. They have a reach of millions of followers and they already share NHS resources as a source of accurate information about diseases, vaccination and treatments on their social channels.

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