Stanford Medicine X: 100,000 healthcare professionals on Twitter

By Daniel Ghinn

This week Creation Healthcare’s Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Grant, is at Stanford University for Stanford Medicine X conference, where he is presenting the first ever worldwide analysis of more than 100,000 healthcare professionals (HCPs) on Twitter. It’s the result of almost two years of research using Creation Pinpoint®, our proprietary technology that allows us to identify and analyse the public social media activity of HCPs all over the world.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Paul has led much of our pioneering HCP mapping work, developing a global picture of a massive virtual network of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other HCPs. The 100,000+ HCPs have posted more than 338 million Tweets, averaging almost 300,000 Tweets every day between them.

We have just published a poster of the study that’s on display at Stanford Medicine X, so if you’re not there in person you can view or download it as a PDF below. Or alternatively you can view or download a tall PNG version for sharing at the end of this article.

Which HCP roles are most engaged?

Our latest Healthcare Professionals Using Twitter study, conducted exclusively for Stanford Medicine X conference, indicates some interesting differences in the way that individual HCP roles use Twitter. Compared with other roles, surgeons for example Tweet less per day, but have much greater follower numbers than other peers. Nurses, on the other hand, tweet more but are followed less, on average. Dentists appear to be highly engaged, being among the more prolific Tweeters and among the most-followed HCP roles.

Where in the world do HCPs Tweet?

The study shows HCPs using Twitter literally all over the world, with the densest clusters in North America, Europe and the Far East. Twitter is highly popular among HCPs in Japan, the UK and the USA, as well as major parts of mainland Europe and South America too, which accounts for 13% of the worldwide HCP population on Twitter.

Growing all the time

Since we extracted our dataset just a few weeks ago for the Stanford Medicine X analysis, the data has continued to grow faster than ever, as our technology Creation Pinpoint uses an intelligent algorithm that learns from verified HCP profiles to discover more of their peers online. In fact, even as I write this post we are tracking a little over 108,000 verified HCP Twitter profiles and over 50,000 additional HCP-authored or related sites, blogs and forums.

We use Creation Pinpoint to help healthcare companies and organisations from pharmaceutical brands to public health authorities to make better decisions by learning from the behaviour of healthcare professionals online. To find out how we could help you, get in touch.

Click the image below to download a large PNG image of our Stanford Medicine X study, Healthcare Professionals Using Twitter.


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