On-demand Webinar: Insights for pharmaceutical strategy from U.S. Healthcare Professionals

Leveraging Healthcare Professional Online Behaviours In The U.S

According to a new CREATION Pinpoint study, U.S. Healthcare Professionals are world leaders on social media. In this webinar, you will hear what doctors on the frontlines of U.S. patient care are saying online, and learn how to leverage insights from HCP digital behaviors to engage your customers more effectively.


  • Why and how the U.S. has the most active and connected HCPs in the world
  • How U.S. physicians rate drugs online and what you can learn from their feedback
  • How pharmaceutical companies can develop effective customer engagement strategies using insights from U.S. HCP behaviors

CREATION is chosen by the world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to develop powerful insights-led strategies. With unique access to online conversations taking place among 1.4M HCPs worldwide in open and private social media networks, and more than 20 years in pharmaceutical consulting, our methodology inspires client teams to work together to implement innovative customer engagement plans.

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