Webinar: Planning a successful drug launch using HCP social media market research


Tuesday February 27: 3pm (GMT) / 10am (Eastern)

Thursday March 22nd: 11am (GMT) / 6am (Eastern)

Price: Free

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This webinar will help you understand how learning from healthcare professionals on social media can assist you with planning the launch of a new drug or the launch of a drug in a new indication.

Pre, during and post drug launch is a key time to seek insights to help you understand market perception around your therapy area, product and competitors. Knowing what your HCP customers are saying from their organic, unprompted online conversations, will improve your launch planning strategy and help you better connect with your HCP customers.

You will discover:

– How HCP social media listening can help you in a drug launch

– Why pharmaceutical companies are including this research in their market research strategy when launching a product

– How to use HCP social media research to aid your digital strategy

– How to identify which influential online HCPs are, or could be, advocates of your product

– Examples of successful drug launches shaped by HCP social media insights

This free webinar is useful for anyone in pharmaceuticals or healthcare who is either currently or will be part of the brand team for a launch product. Register now

CREATION provides pharmaceutical and healthcare brands with unique research into healthcare professional conversations on social media. Our exclusive technology platform isolates conversations among healthcare professionals enabling us to understand what HCPs are saying about your brand, therapy area and competitors. We use our 20 years’ experience in this field to make sure our market research reports provide you with actionable insights on how you can better engage with your most relevant HCPs.

If you would like to attend this webinar please register now.

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