EU5 congress tracking and competitive intelligence in HIV

The Challenge

Understanding Digital Behaviours in Competitors and HCP Engagement

Within the competitive HIV space, a pharmaceutical client wanted to understand the digital reaction across the EU5 to messaging that happened during a key medical congress a well as to track the conversation for 3 months after. They wanted to understand the behaviours of their competitors and how HCPs responded to their tactics. And also to understand what enhanced HCP confidence, in order to adapt for future congress meetings.

The Solution

Real-time Congress Tracking and Competitive Intelligence insights

Using CREATION Pinpoint, our online HCP insights service, we studied 6,600 HCP posts from 2,075 HCPs in EU5, as well as 528 pharma posts relating to HIV within the 3 month period. Our analysis included showing how HCPs engaged with pharma companies online, the topics important to HCPs, and how effectively hashtags were used through the event and time period.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s Tracking and Insights, issues were identified and strategic recommendations were made to the client

  • We identified partnership opportunities with organisations that HCPs were highly engaged with.
  • We highlighted and evidenced the tactical changes needed to grow anticipation around future events.
  • We highlighted the topics HCPs were interested in that the client wasn’t already talking about.
  • We outlined how competitor behaviours and tactics should affect future strategies.