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Product Launch Tracker: eHCPs applauded the approval of Opill, the first non-prescription contraceptive.

By Alexandra Maria Chatziioannidou

Every month, CREATION.co’s tracking updates bring you the latest insights from the conversation of healthcare professionals (HCPs) across the globe discussing product launches. Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about, what they think about them, and which online sources they are using to inform their opinions and conversations in CREATION.co’s latest tracking update.

Throughout July 2023 we tracked the global conversations of 2,037 eHCPs who posted 2,882 English-language X posts about the launches and approvals of new products.

In July, several product approvals were discussed online by HCPs. They offered their thoughts on Perrigo’s Opill, the first ever non prescription daily oral contraceptive as well as expressed their views around Lantidra, the first cellular therapy to treat patients with Type 1 Diabetes.

During July, the FDA granted full approval to Eisai’s Leqembi (lecanemab-irmb) indicated for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Leqembi is the first amyloid beta-directed antibody to be converted from an accelerated approval to a traditional approval for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. eHCPs had mixed reactions regarding the approvals with certain eHCPs being delighted by it, calling it “another hopeful, positive step forward in the fight against Alzheimers disease”, while others questioned its efficacy and pricing. An eHCP mentioned that Leqembi does not stabilise the condition and another called it inaccessible for many due to its price point.

On 20 June, the FDA announced the approval of CellTrans Lantidra, the first allogeneic pancreatic islet cellular therapy, for the treatment of type 1 diabetes patients who get frequent severe hypoglycaemia. eHCPs spread the approval news calling the new treatment ‘revolutionary’ and potentially a big benefit of the treatment being the potential freedom from pricks/pumps. A significant number of eHCPs were excited to see the treatment being implemented and developed.

On 15 June, the FDA granted accelerated approval to Opill (norgestrel) tablets for over the counter use as the first daily oral contraceptive. The approval of this progestin-only oral contraceptive pill raised many positive reactions with the eHCPs calling the approval a “big step forward for US public healthand amilestone that could significantly expand access to contraception”. eHCPs celebrated the approval as positive news for womens’ health and autonomy of reproductive health.

On 17 July the FDA approved AstraZeneca and Sanofi’s Beyfortus (nirsevimab-alip) for the prevention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in infants and children up to 24 months old at risk for infection, as a single injection. eHCPs shared the approval news as a new treatment option entered the space, being “good news” and “a major step in preventing RSV”. 

The three most shared links from HCPs discussing product launches in June were:

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  • Using CREATION Pinpoint® the English-language X conversations of eHCPs globally discussing new pharmaceutical product launches and drug approvals between 1 July and 31 July 2023 were analysed in order to discover which new product launches eHCPs are discussing as well as #WhatHCPsThink.
  • Mentions of drug approvals by the FDA, EMA, NICE, and CHMP were included in the data, as well as mentions of ‘drug approval’ by eHCPs in their X conversations.
  • Between 1 July and 31 July 2023, there were 2,882 eHCP mentions of new pharmaceutical product launches and drug approvals from 2,037 unique eHCP authors from around the world. 

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Alexandra Maria Chatziioannidou

As a Biological Sciences graduate, Alexandra is passionate about making an impact in the healthcare industry through creating actionable insights and telling stories with data from online healthcare conversations.

Alexandra loves spending quality time with friends and family, both in the UK and back home in Greece, on her holidays. She also enjoys exploring new places!

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