Evidence for regulatory and payer submissions

The Challenge

Launching of a first-in-class drug that could cause positive market disruption

Our client, a top-3 pharmaceutical company, was planning for the future launch of a new class of drug that would bring positive disruption to an established therapy area.

The Solution

Real-time HCP tracking insights and unique data

Using CREATION Pinpoint, our online HCP insights service, we studied 39,000 HCP posts from 8,000 HCPs on public and HCP-only social media channels, in five markets across a 12 month period. We developed unique HCP insights regarding the burden and impact of disease, identified Digital Opinion Leaders, and analysed HCP digital behaviours in the therapy area.

The Outcome

The client implemented content strategies aimed at specific customer personas

Using our insights, the client was able to:

  • Use evidence from online HCP conversations to ‘tell the story’ of unmet burden of disease in market access negotiations.
  • Align product positioning with HCP perception of key differentiators.
  • Leverage the influence of HCP Digital Opinion Leaders concerned with burden of disease.