Identifying And Understanding Millennial HCP Influencers

The Challenge

Engaging effectively with customers online

Recognising that millennial physicians choose to learn from their digital peers far more than older physicians who can often be educated offline, a pharmaceutical company wanted to connect and engage more effectively online with their younger customers.
The client sought to identify millennial Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs), particularly GPs, and understand their needs, motivations, and opinions of millennial physicians regarding their role, pharma, and the industry. The client wanted to leverage the existing brand knowledge of these key millennial DOLs, partnering with them to educate other HCPs and ultimately treat patients more effectively.

The Solution

Analysed global conversation and mapped global DOL network

Using CREATION Pinpoint we studied online HCP conversations and identified millennial Digital Opinion Leaders within 3 focus markets -Portugal, Romania, and Ukraine.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, tactical and strategic recommendations were made to the client

Recommendations were provided around:

  • Strategic partnerships across all markets with identified Digital Opinion Leaders.
  • HCP emerging needs and online behaviours in order to help the digital teams with content planning and engagement strategies.
  • Preferred channels, market-specific digital landscape, and HCP social media uptake for professional use.
  • Languages used when discussing medical content.