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Build relationships

Just as with your interactions with traditional Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), it is important to remember that your Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are also people. Building relationships takes time, this is based on common interests and requires value-add right from the start. Leverage our extensive experience to build strong relationships with your customers, whether they are KOLs or DOLs.

Engage DOLs in a meaningful way

With CREATION Pinpoint®, our powerful online healthcare professional (HCP) conversation insights tool, you can understand the specific interests, goals, behaviours and needs of your influential HCPs, allowing you to engage and support them in a meaningful way and forge strategic partnerships.

Partner in line with your DOLs’ digital preferences

Effectively engaging and connecting with the network and influence that your DOL carries requires a knowledge of their preferred digital channels, the format of content they already produce or engage with, and the type of language they use when discussing their topic of interest this information could be at your fingertips thanks to CREATION Pinpoint®.

Monitor the impact of your DOL engagement

Measuring the impact of any changes in engagement tactics is key to realising your success. We can continue to track the online conversation to close the loop in your HCP customer engagement market research, meaning you can continue to learn and innovate.

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