DOL Mapping

Discover the healthcare influencers who matter to you

A decade ago introduced a new group of online medical influencers who were impacting the views and behaviours of physicians, policymakers, and patients: Digital Opinion Leaders.

The precise definition of a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) depends on what you see as important, this will affect which DOLs are relevant to you. We are specialists at asking the right questions so that we can identify those key influencers who are in line with your specific objectives.

Learn how DOLs are influencing their peers

By leveraging our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint® a global database of more than 3M human-verified HCP online profiles, you can track HCP digital interactions and learn how DOLs or Digital Scientific Leaders (DSLs) are influencing other HCPs online.

DOL Mapping #2

Map the online influence of your DOLs

HCP DOLs are driving health policy decisions, defining the views of their online peers, and may be shaping your brand well before your product launches. We are specialists at answering key questions such as: How many peer followers do your DOLs have, and how wide does their reach go? Is their content shared? Are other HCPs digitally engaging with them online? Which channels are they using?

Understand what and who influences your DOLs

As well as understanding who your DOLs are and the influence they have, to gain the full picture it is key to understand what and who influences them. What or who is driving their beliefs? With our leading analytical capabilities, we can help you understand the influencing factors shaping your DOL conversations.  

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