Creation Healthcare and Pfizer recognised at Communiqué

Some of those to whom I’ve said many times before that Creation Healthcare doesn’t do industry awards, might be surprised to learn that together with Pfizer we have just been awarded ‘highly commended’ at the Communiqué Awards 2010 for our digital strategy to change online behaviour in Real Danger, Pfizer’s campaign to tackle counterfeit medicines sold online from illegal websites.

Being awarded ‘highly commended’ by the Communiqué judges for this award was very special and the whole team at Creation Healthcare is proud that the digital strategy has been recognised.

But before you start to wonder if I’ve sold my soul and forgotten all those things I’ve said in the past about industry awards, let me explain: my frequently-voiced ramblings about awards like these have been on the basis that whilst much excellent work is often recognised, it is usually for what I believe are the wrong reasons. Great creative ideas, innovation, fantastic production, and even a campaign’s reach are all very admirable (and have been consistently highly awarded) but too often we find ourselves asking “so what?”

When Creation Healthcare is planning strategies with clients and their agencies we frequently find ourselves asking what can be uncomfortable questions about outcomes. To us, healthcare engagement is nothing without tangible, measured results against clear goals. Opportunities to view, website visits, social media reach and such measures are all well and good but we want to know – and we help our clients to discover – the actual impact of a campaign or strategy against goals that make a difference.

For Pfizer’s Real Danger campaign, the end goal was about changing the behaviour of consumers online. Knowing that consumers had been engaged at their point of risk, re-envisioned, and that they had taken tangible steps reflecting behaviour change as a result. In the end, up to 85% of people polled on the campaign website said that they would change the way they buy medicine online. Up to a quarter of visitors engaged further with campaign partners and accessed resources to help them change their behaviour.

Pfizer’s Real Danger campaign has been well awarded in many areas but I’m excited to see it gain recognition for these tangible outcomes online. It takes real guts and vision for a pharmaceutical company to put a digital engagement strategy at the heart of a campaign, and all credit is due to the Pfizer communications team for making it happen. The results speak for themselves… and the ‘highly commended’ is an added bonus!

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