On-demand Webinar: Identifying Your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

Learning From The Online Conversations Of Healthcare Professionals

This webinar will help you understand how a healthcare professional digital opinion leader is identified and inspire you with ways in which you can learn from and connect with them. You will discover:

  • What metrics could you use to recognise a healthcare professional digital opinion leader
  • DOLs vs KOLs
  • How non-traditional HCP roles can play a big part in online discussion?
  • Examples of HCP Digital Opinion Leaders
  • Ideas for learning from and engaging with HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

This free webinar is useful for anyone in pharmaceuticals or healthcare who is interested in understanding which healthcare professionals are Digital Opinion Leaders in their therapy area.

CREATION provides pharma with unique research into health care professional conversations on social media. Our exclusive technology platform isolates conversations among healthcare professionals enabling us to understand what HCPs are saying about your brands, therapy area, and competitors. Our market research reports provide actionable insights on how you can better engage with your most relevant HCPs.

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