Social Media Strategy to Increase Global Share of Voice

The Problem

In order to revitalise their brand leadership, the client needed to develop a comprehensive strategy by channel for their social media presence.

Despite being a leading provider, the client’s main competitor had a significantly larger share of voice online.

The Solution

Provided an in-depth understanding of health stakeholders’ views and digital behaviours to inform a holistic and humanistic audience-based strategy.

We looked at the online data to provide our client with a holistic and humanistic understanding of their audience.

We studied 4 key stakeholder groups and their activity 6 core channels analysing over 1.6M social media posts.

Analysed over 1.6M social media posts

Key Outcomes

  • Competitor analysis – showed how competitor was reaching audience through customer service + innovation
  • How focused clinical activity was on different channels (insta 50%, LinkedIn 80+, TikTok / YouTube 90+)
  • Showed where and how the client could support equality issues

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