Respiratory tracker: NHS England’s #AskAboutAsthma got eHCPs talking in September

21.09.2023 | Tracker

Respiratory tracker: NHS England’s #AskAboutAsthma got eHCPs talking in September

Each month,’s respiratory tracking update brings you the latest insights into the online UK healthcare professional (eHCP) conversation regarding respiratory disease. 

​​Between 21 August and 20 September 2023 CREATION Pinpoint® tracked the conversations of UK eHCPs discussing respiratory diseases on X (formerly Twitter). We analysed 3,760 posts discussing respiratory diseases by 1,133 eHCPs.


NHS England’s #AskAboutAsthma week campaign caused the largest spikes in conversation, with almost a quarter of posts (23%) during the study period featuring the hashtag. eHCPs shared NHS resources such as podcasts and webinars, as well as inviting parents and members of the public to ask questions. One doctor shared the “staggering” information from Asthma + Lung UK that asthma costs the UK economy £188 billion a year

Another event which was widely spoken about by eHCPs was the European Respiratory Society International Congress, which took place in Milan between September 9 and September 11. UK eHCPs shared posts from various talks and events around congress, using the ‘#ERS2023’ hashtag. In particular, eHCPs spoke about the “exciting times” for the treatment of COPD, and celebrated the effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with severe COPD.

Outside of the conversation around #AskAboutAsthma, eHCPs shared the news from Public Health Scotland that they have detected the highest levels of COVID in wastewater since 2022. The news was shared by 19 eHCPs, pointing to the fact that the school holidays ended earlier than the rest of the UK as a possible explanation for the elevated levels of COVID detected.

Each month, we track the eHCP conversation relating to respiratory disease.

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  • This article analysed the conversation on 1,133 of HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms between 21 August and 20 September 2023 using CREATION Pinpoint®.
  • Between 21 August and 20 September 2023, there were 3,760 UK eHCP mentions of respiratory disease and related terms, from 1,133 unique UK eHCP authors. 

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