10 ways to activate HCP digital opinion leaders – Part 3

By Katie Kennedy

3. Engaging digital opinion leaders using traditional methods

Happy new year to everyone and wishing you all a great start to 2014. I’m starting my new year looking at number 3 of the 10 ways to activate HCP digital opinion leaders; engaging digital opinion leaders using traditional methods.

Once you identify your key DOLs and begin working on your engagement strategy it is important to remember that reaching them online is not the only option. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to engage offline.

Some of the pharma companies I spoke to are not ready to start an open conversation online with their customers for various reasons. It might be because it is not currently company policy, or working within the industry’s regulatory environment seem a bit daunting or it just doesn’t feel the most appropriate way to discuss certain conversations.

Once your key DOLs are identified it is entirely acceptable to engage with them in a more traditional way i.e. through a sales rep or medical science liaison.

Engaging with new digital opinion leaders

Engaging with new digital opinion leaders

The great advantages or knowing what these key digital opinion leaders are saying online before you engage with the offline are:

1.      You can provide your team in the field with some really good background knowledge about their customers

2.      You can approach HCPs that are spreading incorrect information about your product in a sensitive way

3.      You can address HCPs who have concerns about the efficacy of a product directly

Knowing what your DOLs are saying online has the potential of supporting offline relationships with these key individuals.

If you are interested in identifying your key DOLs please contact me to discuss: [email protected] +44 7540 308370

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