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Anni Neumann

Anni has spent over 10 years working in the pharmaceutical sector and has been part of various global efforts to support healthcare and the pharma industry relationships. She is an award winning consultant with expertise on enabling cross functional pharmaceutical teams to add value to their health stakeholder communities.

Anni is part of a ladies chamber choir and being married to a chef she also enjoys very, very good food.

Articles by Anni Neumann

29.11.2022 | Article

KOLs and DOLs – the same or not the same? That is…

Are KOLs, active online KOLs, and DOLs the same. The answer is usually no!

By Anni Neumann

04.10.2022 | Webinars

Understanding The Differences between DOLs and online KOLs

Helping you to identify the online influencers who matter to you...

By Anni Neumann

06.07.2022 | Article

Leverage your Digital Opinion Leaders to dramatically increase awareness and drive meaningful…

Discover's winning presentation and award entry from BHBIA 2022

By Anni Neumann

21.05.2022 | Webinars

Medical Affairs: The New Digital Normal for HCP Relationships will share their experience over the last 11 years of helping teams not only...

By Anni Neumann and Daniel Ghinn

10.03.2022 | Webinars

Digital Insights for Successful Product Launches

HCP Insights informing successful drug launches...

By Anni Neumann and Jerin Thomas

28.02.2022 | Article

The paradigm shift needed to improve DOL engagement strategy

Reaching out to your DOLs is not the only option to consider when planning your strategy...

By Anni Neumann

02.08.2021 | Webinars

Activating Digital Opinion Leaders 2.0

A decade after first introducing the world to DOLs, Anni and Daniel share their learnings

By Anni Neumann and Daniel Ghinn

16.06.2021 | Article

Pre-launch planning & DSLs – the new ways to create launch excellence…

The role of social media in launch excellence in pharma

By Anni Neumann

20.01.2021 | Article

Build meaningful customer engagement with data-driven digital insights

How data-driven digital insights can help build meaningful customer engagement

By Anni Neumann

29.09.2020 | Article

Partnership opportunities between the NHS and UK Pharma

How the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry are collaborating during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Anni Neumann

#WhatHCPsThink about Pharma

24.02.2020 | Article

#WhatHCPsThink about Pharma

When I sit down with our clients, who are mostly from the top ten pharmaceutical companies

By Anni Neumann

Why it’s important to Keep Learning

26.11.2019 | Article

Why it’s important to Keep Learning

My professional background before joining the team at was working within pharma.

By Anni Neumann

#twankenhaus - German HCPs care for their patients

25.09.2019 | Article

#twankenhaus – German HCPs care for their patients

In February 2019, a group of German HCPs representing all kinds of different roles...

By Anni Neumann

Why it is easy to work with CREATION

09.08.2017 | Article

Why it is easy to work with CREATION

Why do we hear that the pharmaceutical industry is slow in moving forward when it comes...

By Anni Neumann