Melanoma/Skin Cancer Study by Creation Healthcare Statistics Released

A CREATION Press Release

LONDON, April 30, 2014 — Melanoma/Skin Cancer Study by Creation Healthcare

Data from a study carried out using Creation Pinpoint®

1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014

  1. What is the total number of mentions by healthcare professionals of melanoma/skin cancer in public social media over the year?
  • The study found 582 mentions of melanoma/skin cancer in the year of the study by UK-based HCPs in public social media. 
  1. What percentage of the total oncology conversation by healthcare professionals is this?
  • The study found 18,606 mentions of oncology by UK-based HCPs during the year.
  • The 582 mentions of melanoma/skin cancer make up 3.12% of the oncology conversation.
  1. Which were the most talked about cancers by HCPs in public social media over the year?
  • Melanoma/skin cancer was the 4th most talked about cancer in the study.
  • The five cancers most mentioned in order were: breast, prostate, lung, skin and bowel.
  • The study found 5,949 mentions specifically of these five cancers (out of the 18,606 total oncology mentions).
  •  The 582 mentions of melanoma/skin cancer make up 9.8% of the conversation of the five most talked about cancers.
  1. What were the main subject areas discussed?

Risk of development of melanoma – (12.5%)

–       Studies on links between alcohol and skin cancer.

–       Tanning booths contributing to the development of melanoma.

Rising rates of skin cancer – (9.1%)

–       Men more likely to suffer from skin cancer.

–       Package holidays blamed for rising rates of melanoma.

–       Surge in cases highest since the 1970s in the UK.

–       Warnings about potential misdiagnosis – in one case how skin cancer was mistaken for a verruca. 

Drugs and trials for new drugs– (8.4%)

–       Research on antifungal being used to treat basal cell carcinoma.

–       Phase 1 trials on two investigational immunotherapies for advanced melanoma.

–       The approval by the FDA of Tafinlar and Mekinist in combination for metastatic melanoma.

Prevention of and protection against skin cancer- (7%)

–       Advice from doctors on how to ensure sensible sun exposure.

–       Statistics on how 4 out of 5 cases of skin cancer could have been prevented.

–       The importance of being protected against both UVA and UVB rays.

5. Were there spikes in the skin cancer/melanoma conversation during the year?

26% of the total mentions by HCPs of melanoma/skin cancer occurred during just the two summer months of July and August.