US Physicians Show Support For Patient Focused Healthcare Model

LONDON, UK. February 18th, 2015.  A study analyzing over 1,000 tweets by US physicians highlights opinions on a move away from America’s current healthcare model and towards a more efficient and outcome-focused health infrastructure.

15% of the conversations taking place among physicians on drug pricing and payment models were focused on the fee-for-service model currently in place and found that the majority were in support of exiting the model and moving towards more result-focused care.

There is however still some skepticism amongst physicians regarding the move away from the fee-for-service model. Boston-based emergency physician Michelle Lin tweeted“…Bundled payments may increase [number of] episodes, may not fix cost…”

Georgiana Murariu, Research Strategist with Creation Healthcare, who led the study, said: “As changes to medicare infrastructure are being introduced, physicians across the US are already responding to projections and plans to change the current system to a more patient-focused model that delivers real health outcomes. As new models are piloted, doctors’ reactions shared online can provide valuable insights into what is, or is not, working.”

The study was conducted by isolating the voice of healthcare professionals from public conversations on social media using Creation Pinpoint®, an online market research service.

Daniel Ghinn, CEO, Creation Healthcare, said: “Analyzing social media conversations among physicians provides an instant finger-on-the-pulse reading of how professionals who will play a key role in delivering health reform are reacting to policy changes.”


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Notes to Editors
Daniel Ghinn, CEO, Creation Healthcare, or Georgiana Murariu, Research Strategist and Author of the study, Creation Healthcare, are available to add more detail or context to the article with expertise in studying healthcare professional’s conversations online.

About Creation Healthcare:
Creation Healthcare is a leading online market research consultancy for some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations, with unique expertise in analyzing healthcare professionals on social media. Established in 1998, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare engagement for seventeen years with a global consultant team spanning 20 countries. Creation Healthcare’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.

About Creation Pinpoint®:
Creation Pinpoint® is a unique social media monitoring service from Creation Healthcare that uses proprietary algorithms to analyse the conversations of healthcare professionals via their online social media activity. The service is built on a database of more than 150,000 social media profiles of healthcare professionals, each manually reviewed by Creation Healthcare’s Data Quality Team to ensure authenticity and to determine the role and location of the individual.