Learn from an omnichannel view of healthcare professional (HCP) engagement

Thanks to our collaboration with Sermo, we can collate HCP engagement data from both offline and online stages of the customer journey, allowing you to create complete customer personas and informing a truly omnichannel experience for your HCP customers.

Measure the level of HCP enquiries

Your call centres, field force and website are a valuable source of HCP enquiry data. Our expertise in analysing information of this nature, as well as the needs of HCPs being expressed online, provides you with the valuable insights that allow you to identify new priorities and track the impact of medical information initiatives.

Map the digital influence of your Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Our powerful online HCP profiling and listening technology enables you to map the digital influence of your KOLs, providing valuable insight into their online views, preferences, and behaviours and allowing you to identify key partnership opportunities.

Identify groups of HCPs matching known customer behaviours

Since the launch of CREATION Pinpoint® in 2013, we have been continually refining our methodologies for identifying and profiling the most relevant HCPs in any given therapy area, anywhere in the world. Through this unique tool, we can help you identify groups of online HCPs matching specific behaviours important to you or your brand.