Understanding the scientific conversation + mapping the Digital Scientific Leaders

The Challenge

Understanding the online scientific conversation and influencer network

A top 20 pharmaceutical client wanted to understand just the scientific conversations of healthcare professionals (HCPs) online discussing diabetes, to map the global Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) network and understanding the impact or their influence.


The Solution

 Analysed global conversation and mapped global DOL network

Using CREATION Pinpoint to classify and filter the conversation, we analysed the HCP authored scientific content in relation to diabetes globally over a 9 month period. We highlighted how HCPs currently engage with trial and educational content and identified 111 global digital scientific leaders specifically based on the client’s business objectives.

The Outcome

Identified and engaged with influential HCPs 

Supported by our insights, we worked with the client to:

  •  Identify digital scientific leaders, cross referencing and adding to their their existing database of HCPs.
  • Understand their global DOLs’ current digital behaviours and select 13 DOLs for an advisory board.
  • Track the DOLs in real-time, identifying new behaviours, trends and opportunities for meaningful engagement and collaboration.

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