19.03.2020 | Insight

HCPs continue to unite in supporting patients and one another online

By Laura McIntyre

HCPs continue to unite in supporting patients and one another online

As the coronavirus gains momentum around the world, healthcare professionals continue to unite online in order to support one another and patients, using their online influence to disseminate the latest guidance and advice.

Among many others, Partha Kar, a leading UK endocrinologist has gathered a team of healthcare professionals devoted to supporting the NHS during this hard time in order to signpost patients with diabetes, and other HCPs, to trusted information sources.

His HCP peers from all around the world responded immediately, offering their availability.

Also, a well-known colorectal surgeon Richard Brady shared the initiative of a Tweet chat for colorectal disease specialists that will offer “front line views” on the coronavirus from their global network. He encouraged them to use the tweet chat hashtag in order to keep up to date with the latest news.

HCPs shared his post on Twitter calling it a timely initiative.

CREATION.co has been tracking the online HCP conversation relating to coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and is committed to supporting healthcare stakeholders globally.

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