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7 Ways to Use HCP Online Market Research for a Drug Launch

One of the ways in which Creation Pinpoint is being used by our pharma clients is prior to a drug launch or the launch of an existing drug in a new indication.

The ability to listen to the views of healthcare professionals during this crucial time is extremely important. Monitoring HCP conversations helps you understand what their immediate needs and concerns are, and how they perceive your product in relation to comparatives or competitors. These valuable insights can help shape your marketing strategy and, as the campaign progresses, you can track how your changes resonate with customers.

Here are some of the ways to use Creation Pinpoint during this life-cycle stage:

1. Find out what is being said about your competitors and use these insights to decide how best you can position your drug

2. Hear what doctors are saying about your therapy area; what are their needs and concerns and how can you address them in your messaging?

3. Create a list of the key digital opinion leaders in your therapy area and plan how best to engage with them both on and/or offline

4. Discover which HCPs are advocates of your product

5. Identify any concerns or questions that HCPs have regarding your product, or that of your competitors

6. Find out which channels HCPs are using to discuss your therapy area and ensure your digital strategy will reach your target audience

7. Listen to HCP conversation on a regular basis to track how your drug is being perceived and change your brand strategy as needed. This is something normal market research is unable to provide.


When you are planning your brand strategy the more market research and competitive insights you gather the best chance you have of creating a successful launch.  Listening to HCP conversation on social media allows you to tap into a wealth of insights. You can listen to their organic conversations and hear what they really think.

For a free webinar presentation on how CREATION supports the launches of either a new drug or an existing drug in a new indication please complete this request form.

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