Business intelligence award scooped by leading digital insights pharma consultancy

13.06.2023 | News

Business intelligence award scooped by leading digital insights pharma consultancy, a leading digital pharma and health insights consultancy, has been awarded the prestigious British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association’s (BHBIA) Analyst Team of the Year award. The CREATION team were given the award at the Best of Business Intelligence Awards (BOBI) on the 12 June, 2023 in London.

The award was given to the team of analysts who “best showcased their skills in turning complex datasets into an interactive, engaging report that tells a story within the data”. Teams were given just 24 hours to develop their report after being given the brief.

The task this year, which saw initially highly commended alongside GSK, Initiate Consultancy, Madano and Partners 4 Access, was for teams to look beyond the many headlines surrounding NHS staffing challenges and to test the validity of these claims by scrutinising NHS workforce statistics. CREATION supplemented our statistical analysis with a unique study of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their attitudes toward staffing issues in the NHS.

The key to CREATION’s approach was to undertake a deep dive and to showcase the findings of a social media analysis of NHS staff members going back six years: a search that revealed how staff discontent long predates recent headlines. also produced graphs revealing a sustained failure by policymakers, spanning several years, to meet GP recruitment targets. Their analysis showed that last year the current shortfall in GPs stood at 4,456 between target and actual staffing numbers. Illustrated in a separate graph, the team’s analysis also focused on the collapse in the numbers of GPs working over 37.5 hours a week since 2015.

The BOBI awards were awarded by the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA). The awards were first held in 2007 with 2017 the first time the Analyst Team of the Year was introduced.

The team members were Jamie Doggett, Mary Kangley, Mark Sullivan, Paul Cranston and Francesca Gan.

Commenting on their win, the team said:

“We’re delighted to have won. We’d like to thank BHBIA and sponsors for this exciting challenge which saw our team of excellent analysts come together for a day to collaborate, innovate, and caffeinate. Congratulations to the other teams. It was an intense competition!”

Commenting on CREATION’s entry, the BHBIA judges said:

“This report convincingly laid out the key insights and recommendations, which were supported well by analysis, with builds and clearly-labelled charts helping to tell the story. We were pleased to see the use of additional data including Twitter and GP working hours, and the use of NHS colours was a nice touch.”

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