West Africa Cycle challenge with Street Child

By Adam Doggett

In September 2018, Street Child will be running the inaugural West Africa Cycle challenge, but in June 2017 I will be joining a team of pioneers to pilot the challenge. The charity ride, selected by cycling content writer Tom Owen as one of the top five toughest multi-day cycle challenges of 2017, will span the course of four days and cover 300km. Starting in Bo, Sierra Leone, and crossing the Liberian border to finish in Robertsport, the trip will be interspersed with project visits to witness first-hand the impact that Street Child is having on both rural and urban communities. All the funds raised through the challenge will go to supporting existing and initiating new Street Child projects.

A personal challenge

I think life is best when it’s being lived. That is to say that I’m not prepared to let life simply pass by, I want to live full and with purpose.This challenge will push me physically, riding in heat at around 90% humidity will be unlike anything I’ve done before. But much more than the physical challenge, I anticipate that visiting projects and meeting people that I’m raising money for will be both a rewarding and extremely emotive experience. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and I can’t wait.

CREATION fund-match promise

In its continued commitment to Street Child (and one cycling Research Analyst), CREATION has pledged to fund-match everything up to £1000. In other words, all donations to my fundraising challenge, up to the first £1000 will be doubled by CREATION and all the money will be given to aid Street Child projects!

The money raised can help in some of (but not limited to) the following ways:

  • £30 can send a child to school for a year
  • £50 can provide a family with a small business grant, helping them to keep their child in school
  • £200 could pay a rural teacher’s salary for a year
  • £1,500 is enough to set up a seed bank, the profits of which could be used to run a rural school
  • £2,500 could enable a rural community to gain a first-ever school!

You can be a part of the journey too by donating to my fundraising page. Remember, anything that you put in the pot CREATION will match!

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