Omnichannel Intelligence for a Vaccine Launch with DOL Collaboration

The Problem

A client with an infectious disease vaccine needed to build a global omnichannel strategy that included DOLs. 

This was to maintain leadership status in existing markets and successfully launch in new markets considering its competitors launching.

The Solution

We analysed over 4K posts across 7 markets including the US, EU, South America and Oceania

  • Provided specific insights based on the product’s lifecycle stage per market
  • Burden of disease was a key area of interest
  • HCPs answered patient questions due to a lack of advocacy groups
  • US HCPs were very influential across the seven markets included in the study

Key Outcomes

  • Supported commercial, strategy, medical and comms teams to work together to create their brand strategy and identify DOLs for the first time.
  • To support patients, the client engaged, collaborated and built relationship with DOLs we identified for the first time which led to: Collaborations during a key congress including Tweetchat.


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