16.04.2019 | Insight

Learning from healthcare professionals in Pakistan

By Daniel Ghinn

Learning from healthcare professionals in Pakistan

Next week I will be speaking at the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association conference in Karachi, Pakistan, where I will present the latest CREATION research into the online networks and behaviours of healthcare professionals in the country.

I will be using CREATION data to illustrate how mobile devices are growing in use among healthcare professionals in Pakistan, highlighting some key influencers and presenting insights on platforms, topics of interest and other behaviours that will enable healthcare marketers to discover what healthcare professionals in Pakistan think. Ultimately, I hope the insights will enable pharmaceutical marketers at the conference to connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

It’s been exciting to see the analysis develop, so here is a little taster: a network map showing precisely how the most peer-connected healthcare professionals in Pakistan are following each other on Twitter. Click the image below to download a the full-sized network map.

Click on the image above to download a large detailed image of the above network map.

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