Top 12 HCP market research questions we answer

By Katie Kennedy

Top 12 HCP market research questions we answer

At CREATION a number of our clients come from market research and customer insights roles who want to hear and understand what healthcare professionals (HCPs) are talking about online. Our customers understand that thousands of HCPs are online right now talking about their therapy area. Listening to their organic conversation provides fresh insights that may not come from traditional market research.

Here are some of the most popular questions that we are asked to answer in our HCP market research reports.

  • What issues are HCPs facing in my therapy area? What are the most talked about topics?
  • What questions do HCPs have about my product?
  • Is any misinformation being shared relating to my therapy area or product?
  • What are the key concerns of each of my HCP customer roles?
  • How are HCPs responding to my latest campaign?
  • What effect is congress activity having on the online conversation?
  • How does patient conversation compare to HCP conversation?
  • How have HCP views around my brands/competitors changed over time and why?
  • How are HCPs responding to changing policies?
  • What causes conversation around certain topics to fluctuate through the year?
  • Is there a lack of education in any discussion around my product which I need to provide information on?
  • What terminology are HCPs using? How can we connect with HCPs using the most relevant language?

Listening to tens of thousands of healthcare professionals’ natural, unprompted conversation about your brand, competitors and therapy area provides a whole new source of market research which can help improve your online and offline engagement with HCPs.

To find out more about HCP market research using social media register for our free webinar or request a 30-minute presentation of CREATION Pinpoint.

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Katie Kennedy

Katie has a background working within health organisations and continues to champion the work we do at CREATION.co amongst our current and future clients.

When not at work Katie enjoys being a mother to her two little girls, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise.