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Cameron Bassindale

Cameron’s academic background in Social Sciences is helping to inform his development of world-class insights, led by weaving stories to help shape and inform actions taken by key stakeholders in the Pharmaceutical industry.

When he’s not watching his beloved Arsenal FC, Cameron can usually be found with his nose in a book or out for dinner with friends.

Articles by Cameron Bassindale

28.06.2024 | Article

At the 84th annual ADA Congress, obesity got HCPs talking online

During ADA 2024, HCPs posted over 1,500 times about a range of diabetic-related diseases.

By Cameron Bassindale

28.05.2024 | Article

#EnhertuEmergency: HCPs in the UK call for NHS access to Enhertu for…

HCPs overwhelmingly negative about Enhertu’s rejection in the UK

By Cameron Bassindale

On-Demand | Webinars

How to stand out in IBD.

Hear what HCPs working in IBD are saying and how it will help you cut through the noise

By Cameron Bassindale and Bernard Groen

15.03.2024 | Article

How market specific eHCP digital behaviours can inform your health communications

Looking at the differences and similarities between online EU and US HCPs

By Cameron Bassindale

24.01.2024 | Article

Respiratory tracker: Positive results of the HARMONIE trial buoy eHCP hopes for…

Bringing you the latest insights into eHCP respiratory related conversations online

By Cameron Bassindale

21.12.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: eHCPs in the UK were quick to respond to news…

Bringing you the latest insights into eHCPs respiratory related conversations online

By Cameron Bassindale

24.11.2023 | Article

eHCPs are overwhelmingly against charging for the use of X

eHCPs express their opposition towards Elon Musk's decision to begin charging X users

By Cameron Bassindale and Jamie Doggett

22.11.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: World COPD Day causes large spike in the online respiratory…

Bringing you the latest insights into eHCPs respiratory related conversations online

By Cameron Bassindale

On-Demand | Webinars

What to expect in 2024

The learnings from 2023 shaping innovations in pharma HCP engagement

By Daniel Ghinn and Cameron Bassindale

26.10.2023 | Article

The online behaviours of Japanese eHCPs are distinct

Looking at the online behaviour and peer interactions of Japanese HCPs on X (Twitter)

By Cameron Bassindale

22.10.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs highlight health inequalities and defend GPs’ asthma testing

In October 2023 we analysed 2,856 posts from 1,204 eHCPs.

By Cameron Bassindale

29.09.2023 | Article

GLP-1 agonists and SGLT2 inhibitors commanded the most attention from eHCPs globally

In T2D, 13 products have been mentioned more than 100 times by HCPs on social media

By Cameron Bassindale

27.09.2023 | Article

Healthcare professionals celebrate new data in diabetic kidney disease

In the lead up to ADA 2023, eHCPs discussed treatments and trials related to DKD

By Cameron Bassindale

21.09.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: NHS England’s #AskAboutAsthma got eHCPs talking in September

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Cameron Bassindale

19.09.2023 | Article

The social media impact of top-10 pharma’s CEOs looks at the social media use of CEOs at the top 10 pharma companies

By Cameron Bassindale

12.06.2023 | Article

A day in the life of’s Winning Analyst Team – BHBIA…

The Insights Team is proud to have won BHBIA BOBI Award Analyst Team of the year

By Natalie Verghese and Cameron Bassindale