Respiratory tracker: Positive results of the HARMONIE trial buoy eHCP hopes for RSV prevention

24.01.2024 | Tracker

Respiratory tracker: Positive results of the HARMONIE trial buoy eHCP hopes for RSV prevention

​​Between 21 December 2023 and 20 January 2024 CREATION Pinpoint® tracked the conversations of UK eHCPs discussing respiratory diseases on X (formerly Twitter). We analysed 2,632 posts by 1,085 eHCPs.

28 December saw a significant increase in respiratory conversations amongst eHCPs in the UK. This spike in conversation was driven by discussion of RSV; in particular, the positive results of the HARMONIE trial of nirsevimab for the prevention of RSV in infants. A number of eHCPs, such as Senior Clinical Research Fellow Alasdair Munro, shared a graphic explaining the global challenge of preventing RSV in infants and celebrating HARMONIE’s “reduced hospitalisation” results.

In January, eHCPs discussed COPD-questions put forward by high-profile American pulmonologist Nick Mark. His posts were shared by 24 eHCPs in the UK, for example by rural GP Jutta Meiwald. Other UK eHCPs shared Nick Mark’s responses with other eHCPs, in an effort to increase visibility and educate peers.

For the period 21 December 2023 to 20 January 2024, a post from The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health garnered the most shares, being retweeted by 35 eHCPs in the UK. The post linked to an article in the Evening Standard, which called on the government to introduce the “game-changer” Beyfortus to help reduce RSV hospitalisations next winter. A paediatric nurse, Sarah Dalton, reflected on the challenges her son has faced since 2006 and responded to the RCPCH’s tweet, saying she “would have given him the RSV jab if it’d been available back then!”. 

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  • This article analysed the conversation on X of 1,085 HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms between 21 December 2023 and 20 January 2024 using CREATION Pinpoint®.
  • Between 21 December 2023 and 20 January 2024, there were 2,632 UK eHCP mentions of respiratory disease and related terms, from 1,085 unique UK eHCP authors. 

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