Discover what healthcare professionals think.

When you discover what healthcare professionals think, you can change the world.

We work with health leaders who face a specific challenge or opportunity that can only be solved when they discover what healthcare professionals think.

Our insights and consulting have informed health strategy, communications and policymaking among some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, government organisations and NGOs.

AI-powered healthcare professional intelligence

CREATION Pinpoint is the world’s only AI-powered global database of more than 1.6M healthcare professionals’ social media profiles, analysing the collective intelligence of more than 1Bn social media posts by professionals on the front lines of healthcare.

Using a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and human data analysts, our platform keeps growing with new insights from online healthcare professionals, to give you timely insights on what healthcare professionals think about anything at all.

Leaders in healthcare strategy

For more than twenty years, our work with pharmaceutical clients has helped bring life-changing new treatments to the patients who need them. Our direct customer intelligence helps healthcare companies to understand and access new markets, expand their reach into new patient populations, and respond to emerging disruptions in their environment.

If you are a leader in a pharmaceutical or healthcare business, we will support you at every stage of your product’s life cycle. Our unique healthcare professional dataset in CREATION Pinpoint is particularly valuable when you are planning or launching a new product, or when new entrants are changing your market.

Put simply, when you need a better understanding of healthcare professionals, we will help.

Our clients and what they say

A client in neuroscience in the US:

“We chose CREATION because of the value that their innovative tools and resources could provide us to enhance our data analytics approach to medical information. The innovative CREATION Pinpoint software provided us with valuable insights that opened a new avenue that we had not explored… The findings from these projects have been impactful to the business and led to actionable insights.”

A top-10 pharmaceutical client:

“CREATION helped us better understand the conversations going on in the pain therapy area across a number of markets. The insights we learnt have allowed us to create a much deeper understanding of the challenges facing HCPs and as a result produce a range of engagement strategies that will drive real value for patients.”

An international healthcare client:

“After reviewing other offerings for HCP-social listening, we came across CREATION’s unique platform and approach… With so many markets across the globe where we promote our product – US, western Europe, Australia, and Latin America – having a ‘world view’ of our target HCPs was critical for us to properly inform commercial activities…”

A top-10 pharmaceutical client:

“CREATION provide great expertise across a broad range of markets even in non English speaking countries. Having one agency helps us in the regional team identify similarities and differences in each therapy area facilitating the creation of a comprehensive regional engagement strategy.”

A global healthcare company:

“I was really impressed at how CREATION colleagues are all aligned around a simple but aspirational mission. They seem to also really understand us the client and our required processes to always ensure we are staying compliant in our approach.”

UK brand manager, respiratory disease:

“CREATION generated some breakthrough insights for us, in relation to social media listening. Starting this piece of research on what our customers are thinking and talking about online I was cynical that I would learn anything new. I was proved wrong for 2 reasons: 1) CREATION really have a great approach to this area and make what could be complex simple to understand and to disseminate; 2) Daniel and his team are superb communicators. The dream combination and I will certainly be working with CREATION again.”

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