Understand how your brand is being discussed online

Healthcare professional (HCP) online conversations can shape the perception of a brand at any stage of its lifecycle. By listening to these online conversations using our unique HCP conversation listening tool CREATION Pinpoint®, we can help you to maximise your brand awareness, confirm advantages, and develop HCP brand advocates.

Track how your customers feel about your product, at every lifecycle stage

Discover what HCPs really feel about your product, wherever they are in their lifecycle. With our Digital ATU service, we can help you track real time HCP views to gain a deep and current understanding of how they feel about your product, from the overall brand to specific messaging.

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Know how your brand and product sits within the competitive landscape

Online conversation can elicit rich insights about brand perception and how HCPs are differentiating between your product and competitors. By leveraging our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint®, we can help you understand exactly where your brand and product sits within the competitive landscape.

Address any concerns and adapt your communication plans where relevant and required

Our Digital ATU service supports your need to take timely and meaningful informed action to HCPs’ changing opinions, needs and concerns to achieve measurable results and enables you to adapt your future healthcare strategy accordingly.

Test perception ahead of planned activity and be able to detect fake news

Testing your customers’ brand-, product- or content-related perceptions prior to planned activities and detecting potentially dangerous fake news events relevant to your product or therapy area using our global HCP listening tool, CREATION Pinpoint®, gives you the opportunity to react accordingly in a timely manner.

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