13.07.2023 | Case Study

Launching into crowded US market building trusted relationships with DOLs

PAG collaboration led to first ever Twitter Spaces event during drug launch

11.07.2023 | Article

NHS analysis featured on ITV Meridian on HCPs’ key areas of interest

Analysis from Jamie Doggett looked into how HCPs discuss the NHS online...

08.07.2023 | Article

Product Launch Tracker: eHCPs are delighted with the approval of Talzenna for…

Discover which new drug approvals HCPs are talking about

By Alexandra Maria Chatziioannidou

05.07.2023 | Article

eHCPs at ASCO 23 are excited about new lung cancer data

What eHCPs were discussing in the lung cancer conversation during ASCO2023

By Hannah Ghinn

On-Demand | Webinars

The barriers facing RSV vaccine launches

Never before seen insights from HCPs’ online conversations

By Anni Neumann and Jamie Doggett

02.07.2023 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: eHCPs approve of new pharma trial data at…

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical companies

By Aman Jandu

26.06.2023 | Case Study

Maximising scientific data to drive advocacy for label expansion

Maximising scientific data to drive advocacy for label expansion

22.06.2023 | Article

Respiratory tracker: eHCPs raised awareness of respiratory diseases at RCPCH 2023

Bringing you the latest insights into online HCPs' respiratory disease related conversation

By Hannah Ghinn

20.06.2023 | Article

Are Digital Opinion Leaders just Influencers with medical qualifications?

The difference between an influencer to a Digital Opinion Leader

By Jamie Doggett

13.06.2023 | Article

Business intelligence award scooped by leading digital insights pharma consultancy

CREATION.co has been awarded this year's BHBIA BOBI Awards, Analyst Team of the Year

12.06.2023 | Article

Top 50 Pharma tracker review: The importance of knowing what HCPs think.

Looking at the corporate reputation of the Top 50 pharma companies over the past year

By Francesca Gan

12.06.2023 | Article

A day in the life of CREATION.co’s Winning Analyst Team – BHBIA…

The CREATION.co Insights Team is proud to have won BHBIA BOBI Award Analyst Team of the year

By Natalie Verghese and Cameron Bassindale