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What sets us apart?

We’ve worked in the healthcare sector for nearly two decades helping clients better engage with both patients and HCPs. In 2012, we developed CREATION Pinpoint – a unique technology platform allowing us to isolate social media conversations specifically among healthcare professionals. Our technology is currently tracking over 500,000 HCP profiles, sites and blogs globally.

This combined with our extensive industry knowledge and passion is what makes us great.

Technology & Knowledge

We use the data our technology platform allows us to access to help you deliver changes to your strategy, to achieve your specific business goals. We work with many of the top global pharmaceutical companies and can help your team run a successful, compliant, actionable HCP market research study. With us you get more than just a report.

Resources & Downloads

We understand that, for some, this type of technology-enabled healthcare professional market research is still quite a new concept. Explore our collection of free webinars, e-books, research reports and case studies to learn more.

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